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People who tap every day become more successful!  

Most of you reading this have had the exciting experience of getting results with tapping, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t “be” here. 

So you’ve had success, you know it works, you know combining EFT and Law of Attraction is pro- foundly effective, and yet, you “forget” to tap, skip it for a few days, neglect your mental health… so there must be a reason to *not* take care of yourself.   Here are some typical yes, buts I find in myself and workshop participants garding doing daily tapping:  (1) I’m afraid to do what’s good for me, it might work…  What this tells us is that we are all a little bit afraid of changing, even for the bet- ter.   What if it does work (and we already know that tapping does work…)?  What feels threatening about changing? What are you afraid of if you change?  (2) I don’t want to spend the time doing tapping every day. 

Why not?  Spending 10 minutes a day tapping on fears, hurts, anxiety or guilt 

would yield incredible results in a very short amount of time!  That’s been my experience for 15 years.  Is it possible you don’t think you’re worth spending the time?  Or does it go back to the fear of changing…  (3) What if I don’t recognize myself with all the changes I make by tapping?  This is the classic “identity” issue and fear — if you change too much, you might feel out of balance or disoriented.  In my experience, we never change that dramatically without the emotional strength to handle it!  But this is a won- derful “tappable issue” of course…  (4) What if changing significantly rocks the boat in my family?  Sure, changing could and may well rock the boat in your family, which means the family dynamics will change or at least be a bit off balance.  This is again a “tappable issue.” 

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